All Your SOX Documents in One Location

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SOXY is enterprise software to help Public Companies manage their SOX Compliance. We make the review process better by offering a central, secure hub for your SOX documents.

The SOX Process is

Problem 1:

Duplicate Data to
Enter and Update

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Problem 2:

Inefficent Versioning
and Roll-Forward Automation.

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Problem 3:

Slow Review Process and Communication

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Problem 4:

Documents Scattered in
Muliple Locations

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Processes, Controls, and Tests Simplified

Only Enter Data Once

We have technology to make our lives easier, not harder. Data should only have to be entered once. If it changes, it updates in all other spots without having to manually change the values. We built SOXY to increase automation so that you can focus on what really matters.

One Central, Secure Hub

'Can you send me that document?'
'Yup! Here you go.'
'Oh, I needed last years. Can you send it again?'

Elimate wasted time by organizing your SOX documents and securely control who has access to what information.

Speedy Review and Communication

Speed up review by using our process specifically developed for SOX. Increase communication by adding comments and review notes right on the narrative, test, or walkthrough.

Why Us?

SOX Professionals

SOXY was built by SOX Professionals FOR SOX Professionals. We know the industry best and built the software specifically for SOX Compliance.

Time and Money

Time is money. If your employees and auditors cost hundreds of dollars per hours, why are we wasting time on mundane tasks? Clean up your process and get home early.

Customer Success

We don't succeed unless our customers do. We take pride in our customer support and are here to help you 24/7.

The Team

We have the most experienced engineers, accountants, and product developers working on SOXY. Our team is what makes us GREAT!

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